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Resolutions & Brunch Reads

Well, it’s mid January already (already?!). My first 15 days were spent catching up on work and it’s only  now that I have a time to take a breather and actually post something. This may seem late as far as declaring New Year’s resolutions, but I feel like stating any resolutions within January still counts.

Of course as a book nerd, one of my resolutions covers my reading habits. With the increase of hate speech/actions towards POC, the LGBTQ+ community and women (none of these exclusive of one another) and the continuing of a majority white publishing industry (which is in turmoil over a certain alt-right book being purchased from a major publisher) I decided to focus my reading on:

  1. Works written by identified-women and POC
  2. Anthologies read will consist of POC or focus on worlds that represent the people and experiences of this world fairly. No straight up European, medieval works for me! (Unless there are Asians or other races, because hey, guess what, we existed then too)
  3. Exceptions are books written by non-POC writers that do reflect the diverse world we live in (James S.A. Corey’s The Expanse series would be an example of what counts as an exception to me).
  4. To accomplish my Goodreads reading goal. I was a few books off on last year’s goals (nooooo), so I decided to keep my goal of 30.
  5. Comics are another exception. I’m confident enough that I will focus on women creators, but I also read quite a lot for work and sadly the majority of titles I sift through don’t necessarily hit my criteria (slowly, but surely the comics industry is getting there!)

Now that I’ve officially written this down, I hope this will keep me focused on my goal. Now that’s out of the way, enjoy your brunch while reading this article about bookstore bars (oh please let this be a thing in other places too). Brunch hard people!




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