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Bare Lit: The Book Fair We Need

The comic book industry has been slowly stepping up their game when diversifying, or should I say, finally including and spotlighting POC/queer creators and characters. Now in the literature sphere, there is an awesome event that also celebrates and promotes diversity.

The Bare Lit Festival is a book festival that is going to be held in late February that will focus just on writers of color. The event has full day programming and will have several conversations with authors and poets, including Zen Cho, the author of the much talked about Sorcerer to the Crown. The fair is hosted by Media Diversified, a UK non-profit that promotes writers of color and puts out amazing content on their site. My only complaint of this book fair is that it’s going to be held in London.

I’m very sad that I won’t be able to go. I’m looking forward to reading updates once the event hits. If you can’t go like me, but still want to show your support, like me, please donate through their Indiegogo site. I intend to as soon as I figure out how to donate in £…

I hope this festival becomes an annual event and that other countries with major influence in the publishing industry will follow suit. Plus, it would be a great excuse to go to England again.



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