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Brunch reads April 5th

A little bit of April showers is upon us for NorCalifornians! Here’s some interesting links I found this past week that you can cozy up to!

Strong Bad email returns!

GRRM busts out another excerpt from Winds of Winter! He also stated he’s not writing any current season episodes of HBO’s GoT in order to focus on writing. Here’s hoping for us fans of the books!

Comics Alliance posted an article on How to Ask Questions at a Comic-Con panel. This needs to be handed out to every panel. Because seriously.

I’ve seen various cosplay pictures of Mr. Misiano’s rendition of The Joker, but didn’t know about his website until now. His latest Trophies pictures is creeeeepy.


Some graffiti artists in London town pay tribute to Terry Pratchett. He is one of my favorite authors. Neil Gaiman also paid a little tribute during his event in San Francisco a month ago.

So many interesting things going on around the interwebz. Let’s see what next week brings!



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