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Peculiar read: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

More like home for the sour & dour children
More like home for the sour & dour children

Title: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
 Ransom Riggs
Method: e-book
Keywords: creepy kids, creepy pictures, mystery, wartime, X-Men (yes, I thought of them when I decided to read this book)

Books that give creepy slightly horror vibes aren’t usually my cup of tea, but the premise of “peculiar” children with different abilities (almost X-Men like) caught my attention.

Jacob up until now, had an ordinary life. Not until he witnessed the death of his grandpa. Not until he saw the creature that killed him that no one else apparently saw. After time in therapy he decides to go to an island off of Wales to discover the truth of his grandpa’s past and to have closure of the trauma he went through. Turns out he discovers a lot more than he bargained for and the “fairy tale” stories his grandpa told him, of the peculiar children he lived with, are real.

I was oddly…neutral about the whole story. I think the start was great and I think that’s what made the rest of the story kind of ‘meh’ for me. Ransom Riggs did a good job on holding the mystery of Jacob’s grandfather’s past. The photographs within the book were also a huge bonus and really set the tone for the book. After I discovered who and what the peculiar kids are and the general plot, that’s where things went downhill. The mystery wasn’t there anymore.  The characters didn’t stand out for me either. The relationship between Jacob and Emma kind of weirded me out since she was in a relationship with his grandpa when he was growing up with the peculiar kids, but near the end of the book their relationship started feeling somewhat genuine. The romance was just too sudden for me. Love(?) at first sight, plus the very odd romantic history between Emma and Jacob’s grandpa does not = start of relationship to me. Other than that, I actually enjoyed the peculiar kids a lot! Sadly, I felt they didn’t get enough page time. I would like to see more of Browyn, Hugh and Fiona. Enoch kind of freaked me out. I’m wondering if the sequel would cater to that, or maybe have a kind of prequel of the peculiar kids’ literally one-day adventures. Can you imagine the crap they can pull, knowing the day would be reset because of the time loop they lived in? I would definitely read that.

Verdict? Meh. I can definitely see the hype behind this series (becoming a movie and all that), but after the all the mystery, the hype just faded away for me mid-story. I don’t think I’ll be reading the sequel.

Next on the pile: comic pile!


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