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Pull! Wednesdays: Silk #1

I have to curse thank the MCU for getting me into comics again. The movie and TV show tie-ins were genius, from a fan and business perspective. It’s a good time to get back in too: Marvel is starting what looks like a reset “Secret Wars” (again) storyline so it’s going to be a good starting point to be introduced to the Marvel pantheon again.

I'm so sad I wasn't able to get this variant *sniffsniff*
I’m so sad I wasn’t able to get this variant *sniffsniff*

Title:  Silk
Publisher:  Marvel
Keywords:  Spider-Man, kick ass heroines, Asian-American superhero, pretty art
Why: I love that Marvel is starting to level off the playing field with more woman superheroes. Plus, the art is cute.

One of the titles I looked into was Silk, who thwipped from the pages of Amazing Spider-Man. I was a bit skeptical after hearing her introduction in the Spiderverse story arc and her little “pheromone” dilemma with Peter. The first issue was a pretty standard introduction chapter. After the events of Spiderverse, we see how Cindy Moon is coping with being back in the real world after being in a bunker for 10 years. All the Twitter, Facebook, probably even MySpace doesn’t mean squat to Cindy. In addition to trying to figure her way into this digital world, she begins her journey to find her family. And of course there is superhero kick booty type stuff.

The Good

Solid writing and art. A lot of people on the web (haha) comment only on Silk’s reaction to Peter (though never the other way huh). Thankfully this issue includes that, but knows there’s other things to talk about. I really really love how Marvel and other comic companies are pushing to diversify their characters. Huzzah for ethnicity! And the costume: man, I’m so glad that comics are coming out with more plausible outfits for the lady heroes! I’m really digging Silk’s and Spider-Gwen’s costumes!

Due to Cindy’s background, I think this series can be a good commentary on how technology and social media has changed us as a society. Some panels in this issue already address this. I’m curious to see if they’ll touch on this through Cindy’s eyes.

The Not-So-Good

I know I said ethnicity on the good, but this can also turn pretty bad in the long run. Cindy’s Asian-American sure, that’s great, but look she has strict parents who care about her grades and Cindy is known for having top scores. Sounds like every other Asian stereotype portrayed in media to me. I hope this series goes beyond just changing the eye shape/color and skin tone of a character and delve a bit more into things that make a person of ethnicity <insert>-American. Granted this is just issue #1, but I think it’s something I’ll look for in future issues.

Battle Plan?

Get it. It’s a solid start to what can be a solid series that could potentially pave the way for more female-lead and/or ethnic headliners. Can’t wait to read Spider-Gwen!


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