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Amazing Grace: Reading A Devil and Her Love Song

Cross in my mouth. Yup. Totally innocent
Cross in my mouth. Yup. Totally innocent

Japanese Title: 悪魔とラブソング
English Title: A Devil and Her Love Song 
Manga-ka: Tomori Miyoshi
: Shueisha/VIZ Media
Version: digital
Why? Purchased it during VIZ’s holiday digital 20% sale. I’ve been intrigued ever since I saw the series on my friend’s shelf.
Keywords: shojo, 2 guys & a girl, love triangle(?), high school, catty girls

In its own words:

Maria’s frank nature gains her more enemies at her new school, but her angelic singing voice inadvertently catches the attention of Yusuke Kanda and Shin Meguro. Can these boys mend her hardened heart, or will they just end up getting scorched?


Maria got kicked out of the elite St. Katria school for telling it like it is whether people want to hear it or not. And usually, they don’t. Of course this doesn’t work in her favor during her self-introduction to her new school. She knows how her…”ability” affecst people and sort of hates herself for it. Fortunately, 2 guys (ikemen, of course) notice how all the hate has affected her and attempt to get close despite still being burned by her frankness. Volume 1 covers the introductions of the characters and Maria trying (and kind of failing) to fit in her new school.

Although the set-up has been seen before in other shoujo manga, I can’t help, but really, really liking this manga anyway. No one is free from Maria’s frankness; not even an old lady on the train, who just happened to try and pick pocket a guy sleeping near her. Her attempts to spin the truth in a nice way is funny to see (way to go Yusuke) and it makes the vulnerable scenes so endearing to see. I’m not sure how Yusuke feels about her, but it looks like Shin’s falling for her, and after the scene of Shin trying to cheer her up I’m rooting for them right now. And man I feel so sad that it’s the guys who see the true Maria and the girls who go for the jugular and try to single her out due to jealousy and insecurity. It just reminded me how vicious us girls can be toward each other.

The art is nothing to complain about, just your typical shojo style, but it’s really good for a first volume. I usually see the art improving as volumes go on so I’m wondering how much better the art will be in later volumes.

I’ll definitely be continuing this series and seeing how it turns out.

Maybe friendship can’t begin until someone chooses you. But that doesn’t mean you don’t get to make a choice, too. You can’t do that unless you know who you are. And they can’t choose you until they know who you are.



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