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Tread Softly: The Dreamblood Duology

         the-killing-moon-by-nk-jemisin   shadowed sun

Why…?: Because it’s N.K. EFFIN JEMISIN THAT’S WHY. After reading The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms I was doomed to forever read anything this lady pens. The ninja priests helped too.

.02 Killing Moon: Once again her world building amazes me. I love how this fantasy world is based more on an Egyptian-like setting than the traditional go-to European version. I love the detail she puts in the magic system and how it’s integrated into the story and the world KM takes place. The dream magic isn’t there for the sake of being there. I love the gray areas of the characters. Nijiri was my favorite to read. Faith is deeply rooted in the country of Gujaareh, and what these characters do in the name of their belief brings chills.

.02 The Shadowed Sun: The story takes place 10 years after KM. It revolves around a new character though characters in KM play a major role. It’s refreshing to see how characters (that survived that is) in KM are seen through others’ eyes, like how Hanani sees Nijiri. Nijiri was so inexperienced and emotional in KM that to see him be so intimidating and so much like a Gatherer was sexy cool to see. Like THTK series, Jemisin’s sequels always expand on the worlds she’s created and instead of heavy, Tolkien-esque descriptions and laying it on thick for readers,she lets the characters do the talking and makes it easier for us. It’s so natural that I can’t help but feel that the world is real. And I think Hanani’s a character that all girls should read about. Everything about Hanani’s growth was amazing to read. And she wasn’t even my favorite character. Hanani learning to be proud of her abilities, proud of her sexuality and just proud of *being a woman*,  her relationship with the Hetawa (family) before and after. UGH, *everything*.  The growth of this character was heart breaking and yet awesome to read. And the romance? I giggled with glee when it was the man who was pining and ‘clingy’  and wanting to cement the relationship. Sigh. I think guys should take some tips from Gujaareh men. Honestly after I finished reading  I was smacking the book on the bed several times because I couldn’t believe how awesome this series was.

SO. If you enjoy complex and BAMF characters (especially female ones), wading through sketchy politics, and awesome world building, this series and this author, is the one for you.

Title: The Killing Moon & The Shadowed Sun

Author: N.K. Jemisin

Pages: KM (448 ebook); SS (492)

Publisher: Orbit

Publication: May and June 2012 respectively

Type: Duology


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